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Lift the Lid Productions


Our aim is to lift the lid on sensitive and taboo health and social issues by using comedy and the arts - thereby helping to raise awareness, open up discussion and challenge stigma. The use of comedy also helps make messages more memorable and boosts well-being.

Our flagship project is Cracking Up! – a show that lifts the lid on mental health. Cracking Up! has been seen by over 1000 people, received national press coverage from the Guardian and BBC and won a Health & Social Care Award from the NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement, and commendation from the Royal Society of Public Health.

Click here for more details and Click here to see some clips from the show.



Shows can be developed about different topics and tailored to meet the needs of various audiences, whether it be the general public, conference delegates or workshop participants in workplaces/colleges.

The content of our shows is researched and informed by discussions with the client group and often includes artistic contributions from them.


Quote startsCracking Up! proves that a comedy show
about mental health can be hilarious...
...It felt inclusive and empowering.
Quote ends

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